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A few moments later, here is a visibly stunned Pvt. John Ploch being comforted by Army USMC Chaplin during release.

This occurred in Kijong-gong aka Freedom Village in the Korean DMZ.

edit: Now that I think about it: goodbye /v/HistoryPorn. Despite his strong stance against censorship and supposed oppression, @explorevoat decided to delete an old very on-point relevant comment about the Prague Velvet Revolution that I made, so I will no longer be a part of making this subverse a success. Apparently he is purging content he finds objectionable. Mod @LockeProposal is aware of that unjustified removal and is in no position to reverse it as he is a new mod and undoubtedly wants to retain that position.

Too bad really. I have literally thousands of great images to share. Oh well.

edit: LOL I have made more submissions to this subverse than @explorevoat and he is deleting me. Guy does not even really contribute to his subverse.

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Thank you for the response, No hard feelings at all. I think you are a good dude,