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The famous quote from the Book of Exodus, "Let my people go!" was how the Jews recorded those events in ancient Egypt.

How much do you want to bet the actual quote from Pharaoh was more like, "You and your tribe get the fuck out of here!"


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Thanks for this link. It is amazing to see that Jews have been persecuted for thousands of years and it seems in every country they live. After a while, one has to ask, could it actually be the people themselves, rather than the prejudices of those with whom they live? 2000 years of history ought to provide enough opportunity for a group to learn from the past and adapt their ways, I would have thought.

I think a Jewish state is important for this reason. (There is a Jewish autonomous oblast in Eastern Russia, too.) Surely, where everybody is a Jew, they will be able to not be prejudiced against themselves. If one considers the 2000 years of persecution that went before, maybe it really would have been a much better idea (for Jews) to have made their homeland on an island.

Madagascar was considered for this possibility during the time of Hitler, as was Ethiopia, but these options were not accepted.

If everybody always hates you, it is better to be surrounded by the sea, than to have land borders.


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Proof that anti-semitism is a world wide phenomenon. One more reason why we need a jewish controlled world government.


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Clearly, the lesson from this is you should never expel Jews. Based on the evidence, of the 359 examples of Jewish expulsion:

  1. When has expulsion ever actually worked?

  2. When has expulsion resulted in a positive net gain for the local population?

  3. When has expulsion resulted in a net loss for the local population?

  4. What opportunity costs were accrued during periods of temporary expulsion?


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but but remember the shoah!!! oy vey 6 gorillion!!


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It just keeps scrolling!