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Cool story, bro.


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Griffin: “Rubbish. It’s up to you to keep your potatoes out of my pig”.

Sound logic right there.

It was not until 1872 that an international commission led by Kaiser Wilhelm I of Germany decided that the island should fall entirely under American control, and as such the dispute was finally laid to rest.

"So what started this conflict anyway?"

"A pig, your majesty."

"Sigurd, I swear to god, if you have been drinking again . . . "


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They gave me a sensible chuckle


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Reminds me of the Hatfields and Mccoys.

The second recorded instance of violence in the feud occurred thirteen years later, in 1878, after a dispute about the ownership of a hog: Floyd Hatfield, a cousin of Devil Anse's, had the hog, but Randolph McCoy claimed it was his, saying that the notches on the pig's ears were McCoy, not Hatfield, marks. The matter was taken to the local Justice of the Peace, Anderson "Preacher Anse" Hatfield, who ruled for the Hatfields by the testimony of Bill Staton, a relative of both families. In June 1880, Staton was killed by two McCoy brothers, Sam and Paris, later acquitted on the grounds of self-defense.