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Good thing general Patton explained his errors to him only 3 short years later, while shredding Germany into little pieces, with "judified" and "negrified" American troops hanging nazis from nooses, and executing his boys in firing squads. In America, we call Hitlers assessment of America a demonstrable "epic fail."


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You do realize Patton later criticized jews relentlessly and then was killed mysteriously in a sudden car crash upon returning home before he could run for office?

George Lincoln Rockwell a decorated WW2 Vet had some very interesting things to say about jews.

Also killed within a year of that speech.

You should look into Our greatest ally against terrorism Isreal. 0 casualties fighting beside america. Estonia had 2. Iraq was bullshit? OK. Greatest ally casualties in afghanistan! ZERO...TURKEY...TURKEY had FIFTEEN! Estonia had NINE!

You're new here...Nazis are not always right either. But you have no idea how much information and how much history has been hidden from you.


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A crippled nation stunned the world with its recovery in a couple decades, successfully liberating much of Europe before it took the entire Judea-led Western world to drag the Germans back down. And they've been lying about it for 70 years.