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No country in the history of the world has ever been improved by adding more brown people to it.

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"This is a beautiful country with thriving ideas and beliefs. You know what would make it better? Niggers!"

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said no sane person ever.

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Look at neighborhoods as a microcosm.

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Comically, EVERY nation that has increased the numbers of it's white population have experience dramatic advances.

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This is why we should've banned slavery sooner. In fact, white countries were the first to ban it.

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Its still pretty good these days. Its hard to fuck something up when it basically boils down to genetics. The White America of the past was an idyllic, other-worldly, and wonderful place to live in spite of the minor faults and issues that might have been present.

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Agreed. What I miss most is the "high trust" society that came with a common language and natural self-segregation. Hart-Cellars was a mistake.

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People could trust each other more back then. There was a lady I knew from Boston who said they were able to walk over the Bridge into Boston from wherever they lived in that region, because things were safer back then.

We all live in a very sheltered kind of society and people are afraid and usually for no good reason at times, because things are relatively well-segregated.

I think they are scared of where things might head in the end. I think getting back to those glory days would be good, unless our society wants to steadily decline and see the decline as "normal" and fine.

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Funny how everything is great outside of Democrat cities....

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It still is. Although Sunday I saw a white couple in church with a mixed race kid for the first time. They may have been visiting. Can't relax around strange blacks.

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Make miscegenation illegal again.

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It was and still is. I've lived in a few places around the US. The nigger loving places which are populated largely by coloreds and people who think they should be floated on a golden cloud to everything in life because "muh slavery" and "underprivileged" are full of angry shithead assholes. The beautiful, mostly white places like rural/semi-rural Kentucky are just endless bliss. The only reason I didn't move there permanently is extremely humid/hot summers that I can't stand because I work outside for a living.

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Happy Days was a far better time than Modern Family is.

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And yet Happy Days was in that 1970s gestalt, to a lesser extent than MASH, of devoting whole episodes to softly shaming "bigotry" and "inhumanity" in favor of hippies-in-squares'-clothes civic communitarianism. 1960s shows like Star Trek and Andy Griffith weren't too much better, and the creators of three out of the four of those shows have a little (((something)) in common, of course.

You can see it earlier, like with very-Lebanese, but Catholic, Danny Thomas and to some extent Patty Duke, but they kept it either reigned in or as explicit monologues so as to demonstrate that the sentiment is the outpouring of a single character's passion, rather than the inescapable, crushing totality of cruelty that the universe forces on us, like MASH is famous for. I suspect that has been a distinction in tone since theater's history has been recorded.

There was less of this in the 1950s, with Ozzi and Harriet, Dennis the Menace, George Reeve's Superman. It was as if they had a purpose and an acknowledgement -- sometimes not implicit -- that it's them against the world, and they can do just fine with their ability to reason, defend themselves, and tend to their victory garden. Later, many people considered this to be just so much propaganda, which is how they manage to paint over real artistry and depict the world as sad and horrible, worthy of destruction.

What I mean by all this is that, it's been a long time coming. Less has changed in recent decades than it might seem to our halcyon, TV-watching eyes.

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Damn straight.

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White America is still better, just smaller.

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I’d have to argue America in general was better pre-1965. The black families were very strong back then too.

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