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No one was supposed to pay taxes.

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How were they going to fund the Continental Army without any taxes?

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From second hand experience the poor get back more thsn they pay in... my mudshark neice was really upset when her husband got a raise and they no longer got back more than they paid in...they just got back everything paid in...

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Refundable credits like the EITC really piss me off. It is welfare pure and simple but they hide it in the tax code so it isn’t quite as obvious they are merely redistributing wealth.

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But muh welfare!

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The poor should pay more, much more. The USA needs to institute a head tax of the Federal budget (3.98 trillion ÷ 325.7 million population). That comes out to around $12.2k per person. Family of four cant afford to pay ~$49k a year in taxes? Too bad, vote for a smaller government you parasites.