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It's beyond dispute that McCain gave Clinton necessary cover on the POW/MIA issue to allow him to grant diplomatic recognition to Vietnam in the 90s. One of the many theories about McCain was that he was compromised whilst in captivity; sort of a Manchurian candidate. What isn't theory is that many of the POW families despised him for his actions here.

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I made a similar comment when the McCain hate train rolled over his dead body. Everyone likes to jump on him for giving up information while in captivity, but I can't hold anyone accountable for that (I'm a prior service member). We are trained on what to do in that situation, but it's easier said than done.

What I, and most military members, can't forgive him for is getting POW/MIA records sealed. It's incredible to think that a man that was a POW would prevent other families from learning about their child/brother/father just so he could cover up his actions. It's abhorrent. People have funerals for family members they aren't even sure are dead. Mothers hold out hope that their son is just lost in the jungle, but never actually knowing.

Any bit of information, good or bad, can bring solace to a family.

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Thank you for your service! McCain betrayed Vietnam POW/MIA's and our current military. Have you read "I'm No Hero", by Charlie Plumb? He was a POW at the same time as McCain in the Hanoi Hilton. He says very little about McCain. I remember seeing Charlie Plumb on TV when the VC forced him to appear, We watched him flip them off to let Americans know he was under great duress. We loved that.
Trump is bringing our soldiers home from North Korea. I am sure that he will also bring our soldiers back from Vietnam.

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John McCain is a traitor, he was part of the fifth column that uses our Blood and Treasure at the behest of Isreal and the destruction of The United States of America.