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I'm in the process of reading Gulag Archipelago and the author (a Russian army officer) states that it was common knowledge that you where allowed to rape and then kill German women.

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Hasn't that been the rule in pretty much every war?

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Civilized countries warred with rules for hundreds of years but WWI and WWII tossed that shit out the window for the most part. Sure, rapes and murder of civilians have always occurred but to intentionally target, rape and murder civilians purposely on a genocidal scale was unheard of since the days of massive ancient empires wiping out entire peoples like what Rome did to the Gauls for example.

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Dunno but he did say you weren't allowed to touch the Polish women.

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Not to that degree. They gang raped 8-85 year old women and slaughtered them for 1944/1946. Worst peace ever for the Germans.

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It was pretty bad to say the least. They have a ceremony where all the children of the raped German women get together. Someone told me they are looked like Stalins, so that is what we get for not keeping the Soviets out of at least Poland. The Soviets like stealing toilets from German houses. This is Bolshevism at its finest and shows just how backwards they were in fact.

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The grabbed chocolate and panty hose too.

The Russian soldiers would go into the bathrooms and just keep flushing toilets in amazement of running water. I never heard stories of the stealing toilets though.

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The Americans, British.... Did it too and no one cares. Both sides where manage for the same devil. Soviets wasn't better than allies but they didn't show tits in their propaganda movies.

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Like the Yanks boiling Japanese heads and sending the skulls home, and making ears out of necklaces isn't the most debased savagery imaginably.

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And how about American and allied forces, America and UK raped woman and kids. Eisenhower ordered take no prisoners and then when the second wave come they to raped and murdered plus steeling from citizens. All the while at Eisenhower's Rhine meadow camps prisoners were starving to death by order of Eisenhower.

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Yeah it talks about that in article, but its an article about USSR

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Russia was up north, America in the south and UK was the northwest.

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You're right

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Grandparents and parents lived in finsing Bavaria till 1934 on a pig farm, moved to America in 35 and I returned in 73 and went to work learning all I could.

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And the Germans get all kinds of blame.

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The Soviets raped in every nation they entered. It appalls me to know that after WWII the powers that be sent t many of he refugees back to their homelands which were occupied by the Soviets. They were far more brutal than any other regime.

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All part of the plan. Secret history of sex in the USSR is a good free documentary too

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Link? I tried searching but I couldn't find it.

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Anybody interested in this, it's covered pretty well in the last episode of Dan Carlin's Hardcore History podcast on the Eastern Front of the war, Ghosts of the Ostfront. Best History media out there, some of the best media ever IMO, check it out.


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Rage porn article.

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Understand and remember history or be doomed to repeat it.

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And most importantly don't lose a war.