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Here's something that has dawned on me. You know how every generation for the past 400 years have complained about 'kids these days'? Well that would be coming from people that don't even remember their own history, because everyone is an idiot in some way in their youth. If you disagree with that statement it's either because you are still in your youth or you never rose above the idiot stage.

My point being if you can't even rationally apply your own experiences, then what lessons could you possibly learn from things you didn't experience yourself? We're only barely out of the cold war for instance and yet you have people actively working to bring it back. That's just mindboggling to me. Disregarding whatever criticism, fair or unfair, you have about Trump and Putin the fact that they are working on putting the last nail in it's coffin should be the greatest news of at least 3 generations.

History ins't just about learning it, but also understanding it. Otherwise you're still going to repeat the mistakes and forget about the things your ancestors did right.

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The leftists don't want you to learn actual history, they want you indoctrinated into their version of history. And they control the media and universities, so their version of history is what we get. You have to dig long and deep to discover the truth.

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And yet history teachers create ignorant voters

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(((They))) should be hated