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Good old Carlin carpet bombing red pills.

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Looking back at Carlin, why did people think he was a comedian? He's a philosopher shouting that the end of the world is coming. It's not really funny, it's depressing. Well spoken and on point, but his late stuff were more philosophical rants than humor.

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(((a big club)))

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This is a good test

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Wasn't this fake? I don't recall exactly.

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According to that first link this is similar to the TAKS, STAR, ETC. tests we all took. This doesn't seem any harder than those, just different. Here's a link to the TAKS sample test, DL the math part and take a look. https://tea.texas.gov/student.assessment/taks/released-tests/

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Yeah I've seen it debunked before.

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I've got some hundred year old books I'm thinking of putting up like this. Kind of interesting.

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Everybody is so spoonfed nowadays. School isn't challenging

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"Describe the battle of Quebec"

. . . .

I thought I was a history buff but I got nothing. Wow.

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I feel even dumber after seeing it was during the french and indian war.

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i think this is fake.

aslo, its understandable that the math questions would be kind of intense, because we have had calculators since the late 60s and computers since the late 70s. people dont really do math anymore unless they are doing it as part of their job.

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Really? you think those math questions are intense?

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Nigger, I’m a bartender. you want me to tell jokes and stories or get into soil, sunlight and wheat and malt decomposing for making alcohol I’m your man. You want math, go somewhere else.

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Some of this is period relevant. Commanders of each battle?

History: 10. Who invented pornography? (I had to reread that one again.)

Over all, I think I failed or barely passed. It’s been too many decades out of school.

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It says phonograph. XD

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I know but i swear the first time was huh???? Oh, yeah the phonograph! Lol

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Who invented pornography?

The jews

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Thats on the voat history test! Easy peasy

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