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It's called faggotry. Or, being a giant pussy, like we used to say. These faggots need to be gassed.

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Enabling their mental illnesses with bullshit like safespaces is only going to make them even more useless too.

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Definitely. University is supposed to prepare you for life. There are no safe spaces in real life.

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Not surprising given the current state of our society, which is being eaten alive by Zionism, feminism, and multi-culturalism. The system for classifying mental illnesses these days is terrible, although I agree they do in fact exist, and unfortunately some just push people into the mentally ill category when it fits fitting things into the "book." Its good when people take a multi-dimensional approach to psychology/psychiatry, since it means one does not have to depend on drugs and other negative things like that, but ultimately at some point the problem is mental illness is too often times classified merely on the basis of the book, which might apply at times, but generally speaking the extent to which it applies is questionable at best and often times there is the danger for when there are loose ends to turn the matter into an ideological, sexualized, or politicized problem, which is all thanks to people like Magnus Hirschfield, Wilhelm Reich, and the Frankfurt School of thought.

This is when psychology/psychiatry goes too far and becomes extraordinarily dangerous to the psychiatrist and individual involved and the best way to remedy it is not to throw some people into invented categories, but rather to look at the rest of humanity and its various problems and how it curbs social functioning and doing good things to others.

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and 3 of 4 found to be fucking libtards

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From the article; While sexual minorities were found to have high rates of mental health diagnoses along with reports of self-harm and suicidal thoughts or actions, transgender participants showed high rates over all outcomes. Two-thirds of transgender students admitted to self-harm, while more than a third having attempted suicide. Similarly, more than half of bisexual students admitted to self-harm or suicidal behavior, while more than a quarter attempted suicide.