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He’s not wrong. “Trust the plan” isn’t gonna cut it.

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That is because Christcuckianity, and I-slam are both jewish psyops used for world domination. Both "religions" have a strange affiliation with the homeland of the kikes Judea.

Thanks to Christians and Muslims steam rolling half the world in the name of some desert fairy tale sky god the jews have more influence over the world than ever. If we want to destroy jewish power of the world Christianity, and Islam has to go down with the jews.

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I always wondered, what's so "holy" about Jerusalem? sure the architecture (which wasn't even built by jews)

has it's charm but those living in it are anything but holy...

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Behind every nigger, is a jew. Starting from when their nigger ancestors disembarked from jewish owned slave ships, and continues to this day with jews running groups like BLM.

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Still mad about Jesus casting them out of the “chosen” status.

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Theyre just jealous because pure caucasian, anglo saxon, aryan peoples are the original judeans. Our ancestors had a word for mixed race mongrel bastards and it was MAMZER.

Jews are just a mishmash of different types of niggers. Add in tay-sachs, schitzophrenia etc and youve got one angry heins 57 race.

Theyll be wiped off the earth in due time. Shekels or not.

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The fact that their genetic lineage is an admixture of Semitic, Eastern European, Central European, Mediterranean and Turkic people just shows that wherever there was opportunity for parasitic speculation and lending, the Pharisaic Rabbinical religion followed. I think the Jews are more a religion than they are a race.

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Any time you see a cabal or orthodox jew state this, simply ask them who their savior was then? Per their own text, the messiah was to come before the second destruction of the temple, ~70AD.

They hate Christians because the Messiah didn’t come as a worldly king to free just them, but a spiritual King to free the world. They should know that Abraham was the father of many nations, not just the Middle East. Most modern jews (from the tribe of Judah) have been morally destitute from the beginning as stated, again, in the Old Testament.

The tiny hats have a very good reason for being angry with Jesus and Christians: Their own sin. They can never wash it off themselves. It haunts them and, conscious or not, they feel it and it makes them angry.

John 3:36 He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.

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Thank you for the resources brother. I have been looking into true history, past the subversive effort of post WW2 academia, and such a blessing it is. Becoming clearer and clearer.

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If you haven’t seen it, the channel Asha Logos (all vids on Bitchute, most on YT) is fantastic.

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I'm fairly certain they did their own attempt at a messiah a while after Christianity took off and it didn't work out well. I don't recall the name of their messiah.

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He stills believes in the made up jew god psyops.

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The irony is that your statement says that exact thing. You’ve bought their lies hook, line, and sinker.

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Kikes are their own messiah, they worship themselves, the holohoax is their religion and they hump a wall

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lots of edgy jews talk like this. they can't back it up.

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If Jews only knew how much their noses give away their identity for purposes of rapid identification and extermination.

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Did he really say that? lol

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