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Nigga I'm not stopping him am I? Worship him as you please.

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I literally only said "anyone who names the jew is alright with me" yet you couldn't pass up the opportunity to shit on him. I don't watch him other than clips I see once in a while. From what I can gather, he uses Christianity as a shield for a lot of his "radical" stances, such as being anti-gay, and he is trying to stay as optical as possible and not get cancelled until he can go full 1488. Instead of tearing people down for not being as far-right as you, why don't you start your own show?

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Not reading anything but the end there, but "Wecome to Voat," and because I'd die and I'm not gonna dox myself for boomer points.

Sad I'm not your hero, though. I probably really am cooler than him :[