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Everyone always seems to give Nick Fuentes shit, but but anyone who names the jew is alright with me

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Their main contention is that he’s a hypocrite/gay for hanging out with Catboy Kami. He did a follow up clarifying that he met up with the guy because he saw potential in him, and lo and behold, a few months later we start seeing some of the most brutally hilarious content from that guy.

[–] folkov ago 

Catboy Kami is fag or nigger or jew or pig?

How the fuck making fun of degenerates gets you fag or jew or cop label?

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He can't call black/white sex bestiality, so he's cucked. Also, I like how the video pretends that the corrupt aren't already burning everything down. "Trust the Plan" gave Democrats power.

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he's openly against race mixing

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Fuck off, retard. You sound like a fucking woman complaining that you can't find a man that is 100% perfect. He actively goes after jews like Charlie Kirk, Ben Shapiro, and zioclops but you can't just let him do his thing because he's too cucked for a chad like you.

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When Fuentes says "trust the plan", he's not talking about the Q plan, or the establishment repub plan, he's talking about his plan.

And he doesn't call white/black sex bestiality because he understands the value of optics with regard to what he is doing and how he is doing it. It's easy to call coal burning/oil drilling bestiality when you're anon online, or when you're talking to friends, family, or even randos irl, but doing so on a show like his is different.

[–] heretolearn ago 

what are you doing about it.

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They need to turn the stupid fucking music down, I can't even hear him.

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Our major dilemma is how do we organize beyond the confines of the internet

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This place is great but we tear everyone down so much we will never have leaders

[–] Skeptic5000 ago 

Can anyone explain to me what those black militias were? I'm pretty sure the media/govt was silent on those armed niggers. I hope they wake some people up.

[–] xenochrist15 ago 

The point is to destroy the middle class. The middle class is the only thing keeping utter tyranny at bay - well armed, hardworking, mostly college educated and blue collared people. Unfortunately the choice between the mob and big brother is a farce - big brother controls the entire coin. Either choice brings forth a deeper, more sophisticated deep state system that ensures no one goes unaccounted for.

[–] Simonbelmont27 ago 

Nick ia gonna Nick

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