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that's a yes

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Definitely a yes.

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Can someone post this to that non reply

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its a “high IQ” jew throwing shade, whilst unknowingly admitting guilt

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jews only want to eradicate all areas of racial homogeneity of whites... from the level of nation all the way down to neighborhood. i don't see anybody bitching about the racial makeup of chinatown or the goddamn ghetto.

i'm sure they have their reasons... i hope those reasons start happening soon

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Jews want to erase Whites period.

They certainly took to the idea that the US and everyone in it belongs to them,.

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They think the whole world belongs to their rotten kike corpses

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White people are their competition

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still didn't answer

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The non-answer is the closest to a yes a jew will ever give you.

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Answering a question with a question. Jews do this a lot, also psychiatrists (who also just happen to be heavily jewish)

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Until the time comes when it's of even minimal benefit, at which point said jew will announce it loudly and proudly.

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It's ridiculous. It is always a jew, Asking is just a way of pointing it out to the heads up ass brigade.

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They always recoil when called out

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Response read as: Oy vey goyim, why do you attack me so?

[–] favoritecoloriswhite ago 

Crying out in pain as they strike you.

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Dude got banned from Twitter.

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Thats why you larp as a black woman. I post crazy anti semitic shit all the time and nothing comes of it. A lot of heated arguments and lots of likes too lmao. Just never go the violence route. I always equate jewish privilege to white privlege but potentially worse bc they deny it. If you add the white scapegoat as a poc woman you cant lose.

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I made an account pretending to be a gay jewish person and my account lasted weeks with offensive posts before they locked me out with a phone number I forgot, they didn't even ban me!

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wasn't the nog who criticized the (((owners))) of BLM got shoah'd from twitter?

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Td opened Pandoras box when they invited consumeproduct in. I'd recommend everybody here make an account. Dont be crude, be informative and have info on hand. Subtlety goes a long way there since the mods dont delete jewposting unless its direct.

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Yeah we are over there, there is also less and less insta jew demanding a apology for pointing things out

[–] NoTrueScotsman ago 

I saw a submission there a while ago that showed someone shapeshifting, and even the primary comment thread was toeing the line of calling it out.

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