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Credit goes to LibraryOfHate for finding this excellent link.

Worldwide attitudes on cousin marriage differ considerably, with the prevalence - both currently and historically - far greater than Westerners realize.

The Dunning-Kruger Effect does a great deal to explain why there are so many white anti-racists.

What nations define it as a no-no? Ethiopia appears the most prohibitive: it bans marriage between relatives out to 6th cousins. South Korea bans out to 3rd cousins; Taiwan and The Philippines ban first cousins, as does China, ever since it’s 1981 Marriage Act. In the USA, 31 of the 50 states ban first cousin marriage. In Europe and South America, consanguinity generally isn’t banned, but it is rarely practiced. Europe’s rate is generally less than 1%, and Brazil’s is presently 1.1%.

Where do cousins marry? Africa, the Middle East,

A.k.a. the two parts of the world with the lowest-IQ, highest-rape-rate immigrants--even moreso than the Romani. Australian Aborigines and Papua New Guineans have a low IQ and primitive skull shape that makes Bantus look intelligent and modern, but fortunately they aren't as numerous.

and South Asia are the most consanguineous regions in the world, largely due to its general acceptance, even preference, in Islam.

In India, the Muslim rate of cousin marriage is 22%, with the rate nearly doubling to 40% in Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan, noted earlier, is the world leader in consanguinity with around 70%; Saudi Arabia is 50+%; Iran and Afghanistan are 30-40%, Iraq 33%, Egypt and Turkey 20+%, and Qatar 54%.

Subsaharan Africa is estimated between 35-50%,

"Africa has greater genetic diversity than anywhere on the planet!" cried the Boasian race-denialist.

with Nigeria’s opinion split tribally: Hausas prefer cousin marriage, Yorubas condone it; Igbos ban it.

On a related note, Igbos have the highest average IQ of any unmixed Bantu population, one standard deviation above the retard-level sub-Saharan average. 85 average IQ is pretty good for a group of blacks with no white ancestry whatsoever.

Sutble HBD:

Bittles suggests that “environmental” factors elevate the rate of consanguineous birth defects. Another possibility, in my opinion, is that research simply can’t properly calculate increased risk, after centuries of shared genetic material in traditional regions, between cousins who repeatedly inter-marry.

HBDChick would like this:

First cousins related via a single channel are obviously far less at risk than those whose ancestors have interwoven DNA for 300 years (the Amish) or 1,300 years (Islam entered Pakistan in 712 AD.) It’s interesting that the Amish elevated rate of risk - 4X - is approximately 1/3 the elevated risk of Pakistanis - 13X - with this ratio near-duplicated again in their length of inter-marriage - 300 yrs / 1300 yrs.

scientific reports indicate a lowering of IQ in cousin-marrying population groups. For example, in a study of North Indian Muslim schoolchildren the intermarried children’s mean IQ was 88.4, whereas the control group was 99.6.

The mental risk is convincing enough for me to list consanguinity as a hazard factor in two of my previous IEET essays, Brain Damage - 83 ways to stupefy intelligence, and Six Brain Damage Scourges that Cripple IQ in SubSaharan Africa.

"IQ tests are culturally biased against Africans!"

Not-so-subtle HBD and race realism:

The clannishness that cousin marriage supports is also stifling to civic democracy, because family members align themselves with the interests of their in-grown family, instead of allegiance to the state. Libya’s “Arab Spring” revolution featured the nation’s schism into 30 major tribes or family clans, and Somalia’s longtime anarchy is essentially a tribal feud between clan warlords, i.e., family leaders. Isolating family members from the ideas, economics, and genetic components of other clans also devalues political debate and stymies meritocracy due to nepotism.

No wonder Hank Pellissier's thin and has high-T facial morphology.