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"Remington" ...."1911"..... chances this gun is a POS=10000%. And I like 1911s.

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Does Remington have a shit reputation nowadays? I know that pistol they came out with last year sucked ass, but are they shit all around?

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Hard pass due to QC issues

In 2007 Remington was purchased by the Freedom Group and their giant backers, Cerberus Capital Management, a massive private equity firm. Cerberus spent the early aughts purchasing popular, big name brands in the firearms industry like Bushmaster, DPMS Panther Arms, and others. Unfortunately for Remington, Cerebus’ claim to fame happened to be driving companies into the ground, notably Chrysler.


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There are many reports of brand new 870s having rust, plus freedom group basically ruined several good brands. I handled this exact 1911 in a store once and although I cant remember exactly what it was, I remember being told it had to go back to remington because it had some kind of problem. For 600 you could probably find a Rock Island that should be pretty solid. Granted it might not be threaded.