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Misleading Title. PSA has to follow the laws or they won't be in business anymore. Blame your shit state, not PSA. They make some awesome parts and have great prices.

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Cite a law that limits them from selling a AR trigger to anyone. I'll be waiting a long time I think.

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I will agree that their list of do not send is longer than I expected but do you really think they wouldn't want to sell their parts everywhere they could?

There are alot of stupid gun laws and new ones being passed every week. Like the new one they just passed in PA which makes no sense.

It sucks you can't buy from them because they sell good stuff at good prices but I'm sure if PSA could legally sell you a trigger in your state they would. Do other sites restrict sales yo your State?

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Go fix your faggoty state so they can safely sell there

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I don't need to ask the state for me to exercise a right. Do you ask your state to do so?

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Maybe you need to work on your reasoning skills Thelma. Then go get those shithole states and locations who are passing the bullshit laws that Palmetto State is forced to follow will be free again.

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Show me any law that restricts them selling parts? There are none.

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How can they be anti-gun if they make and sell guns? Of course they aren't going to sell guns to locations where local laws wont allow them.

Want an AR in California? You're shit out of luck unless you want one of those gay ass "featureless" versions.

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Don't believe that some people in the gun business are not anti-gun.

There are many. Those that are anti-gun should be drummed out of business, yes?

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Fucking retard this guy

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People/companies are either for our rights or are not. No half measures !

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Misguided anger.

See: Infringe

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Are we not allowed to get mad at a company that infringes our rights?

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Are you asking them to break the law and ship where they will be fined and shut-down?

Your Lawmakers are the issue. Mine, too- am in Illinois. Time to vote with feet.

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move to a free state

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I'm caught behind enemy lines ... send nudes.

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Yes, let the commies take over.

Run away, goy.

Standing your ground is stupid.

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I carry every day. do you?

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An example: PSA has zero legal obligation not to sell AR uppers, lowers, and parts to Americans. Those that claim that they have this obligation not to sell should highlight any law.

An AR upper can be used to produce a single shot rifle or just to have w/o making a rifle at all. Its not for PSA to decide what people may or may not do with non-firearms.

A AR lower can be used to produce non-firearms. One example of this is a crossbow: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/a9/92/be/a992beb57a12e38e1e6ef5eb6b333b14.jpg

But no, PSA says "screw you" to many Americans in certain locations, we are not going to sell you parts as a matter of policy. They do not claim that they are following any restrictive laws...they just made this policy up.

SO, for people posting here, who are blaming laws .. this has zero to do with any legal requirements placed upon PSA. PSA just made up their policy not to sell parts to Americans.