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I read the rules. It's what is between the lines. Banning links on, just for example, is taking a stance that IMHO exceeds Reddit's authority. already has rules in place for posts, and is only a forum for connecting sellers and buyers. Those transactions are already covered by both state and federal law. What two people who connect on that site do is not the responsibility of Reddit - they literally have no authority or responsibility.

For reddit to take a stand, simply exceeds legal authority and legal responsibility for the sake of feels.

They have picked a side, and I disagree with the side they have chosen. As such, I reject them.


[–] noimdirtydan 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago  (edited ago)

I didn't quite pick up on that part of the "new rules" but you're absolutelt right that reddit is overstepping their authority on banning an authorized and legally operating selling platform. I don't remember seeing many gunbroker links so that connection wasn't readily apparent.


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Pretty sure is was on the list of banned vendors before the sub was closed. There was actually a pretty long list before too.