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Lol, trying to get up from prone like that.... once your down your staying there. Even taking a knee, after awhile it is just painful. I had a similar setup except change the at4 for a 240B and I had an m4. They tried to make me also haul a m203 and those rounds plus the radio... but I was intelligent enough to know how to take off the 203 and turn it back into the armorer. That is on top of feeling like the stay puft marshmallow man in that armor.

Military is definitely stupid with some of their equipment allocations. Then some fobbit has some bright idea about a uniform change, and all of a sudden your carrying 30 extra pounds of useless crap. Who the hell thought up side plates!? Why not just issue medieval armor and be done with it? At least that might be easier on my back... I swear I think I was like a couple inches shorter at the end of the day from all that weight on my spine.


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I know... Because ive too, many times.... Most cover i got was a foot tall mud wall