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Normal gun club and indoor ranges would probably scoff and chortle at you for oper8ing, but i'd feel safer wearing plates at some of the national forest/public lands shooting pits where there's a lot of fucking retards doing fuckass retard shit.

But the only time I've been hit, was by a ricochet at an indoor range. Guy was warned multiple times to stop firing across lanes until I caught a piece and they threw him out. Turns out he was a cop.


[–] androgynous-icicle 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago 

Turns out he was a cop.

I want to make a joke, but this just makes me sad.


[–] RacistJew 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

Typical cop behavior


[–] AGoddamnNigger 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

I am so glad I don’t have to shoot at a range


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If you are worried about that, consider something made to carry a cut of soft BALCS armor (such as: You can still put plates in it too, for higher chest protection. The soft BALCS will give much greater area protection against ricochets.