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Body armor is nice but I would actually prefer to do without it. I found that while deployed an IBA was just cumbersome and slowed you down while also doing a number on your stamina. maybe without the plates? but once you start adding the additional weight from your combat load, even without the rucksack you still are still gonna suffer from severe mobility problems.

I would actually prefer that an enemy not know I was there and have high mobility when I need to exfil. Ive had to run a mock Mogadishu mile and I can tell you it is not something that you should do to yourself if you can avoid it. Also, it would be a mistake if you take ques from call of duty. CoD is akin to being harry potter level of fantasy. unless your in a unit where you can afford to be ambushed so the armor actually means something... your better off adopting sniper tactics. You should aim to never be seen by the enemy as a lone wolf, and the only time they do know you're there is if you can safely eliminate one or two and then leave before any reinforcements can get there to take you out.

The people that decide go rambo are the idiots that end up dead real quick. Why do you think that toward the end Iraq they were only using snipers, mortars and IEDs to attack us? because we killed all the idiots that came at us with AKs.


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Depends on the mission. Home defense, I would prefer to get it on if I can. Full blown civil war, sure, be a sniper, but more realistically, in a societal breakdown their will be a multitude of factions running around being violent fucks.

Can't stay hidden in the shadows 24/7.


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Actually I think it is easier to stay hidden in utter chaos. The loudest things tend to draw the most attention in a fire fight. While a sniper is the most deadly, people will instinctively focus on the people making the noise right in front of them. However I think there is a common misconception about war, it isn't constant combat. A lot of it is boring as fuck. In fact most of war was boring as fuck until some leave an IED on your road some random day. It is why they say complacency is a soldiers worst enemy, because nothing can happen months on end and you can only keep your alert level up for SO long.


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Dont be a punana naner, my ffl was 40lbs of C4, a vallon, 270 5.56 NATOs, MRE, 5 litres of water, a dump pouch of cookies, 4 plates on carrier, M16A4 with all accessories PEQ/PVQ/Surefire/ACOG/M10 Bayonet, 2 flares, 10lbs of TNT, 3 lbs of det cord and igniters, an AT4, and .... My pen.

Effective pointman, amirite?
Marine Corps logic.


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Lol, trying to get up from prone like that.... once your down your staying there. Even taking a knee, after awhile it is just painful. I had a similar setup except change the at4 for a 240B and I had an m4. They tried to make me also haul a m203 and those rounds plus the radio... but I was intelligent enough to know how to take off the 203 and turn it back into the armorer. That is on top of feeling like the stay puft marshmallow man in that armor.

Military is definitely stupid with some of their equipment allocations. Then some fobbit has some bright idea about a uniform change, and all of a sudden your carrying 30 extra pounds of useless crap. Who the hell thought up side plates!? Why not just issue medieval armor and be done with it? At least that might be easier on my back... I swear I think I was like a couple inches shorter at the end of the day from all that weight on my spine.


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Aren't these simple 2 plate systems a decent compromise that hopefully can deflect say 50% or more of what might hit you? I understand about the bulk and heat, but truly no protection is still the best?


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Elite operators still duct tape a second plate on their back to handle multiple .338 hits


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I'm not on either side of this argument, but who is your argument target toward.