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Thanks, I'm trying. I'm not big on deleting comments unless they're blatant spam or break site rules, none of which have happened yet.


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That's actually rather damned impressive to have a redditor come here at this point and not try to run everything like they are reddit. The only criticism I have of the new members is that they are begging for CCP. I realize that limits the posting of deals immediately upon arrival, but it leaves a bad taste in the mouth of most goats. What I might suggest is a sticky here for gun deals as comments for anyone without CCP to make new posts, so that CCP is legitimately earned through a quality post rather than just begging for it. You will get more quality users that contribute and weed out low effort/spam/shill accounts.

Good luck to you, you seem like halfway decent users.


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Absolutely, I almost wish there was a limit for upvotes for newcomers now due to these begging threads. I will rarely give a downvote, but that is one occasion it will always happen. It just feels like vote manipulation, something I'm not a fan of.

It is a good community though, hung around them on Reddit as it was the only reason why I transversed there along with gunsforsale.

Hopefully they'll pick up some Voat ediqute and help expand our community and content some.


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You're doing great. Keep it up!


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Glad to hear it bitch just remember you can't actually (((delete))) anything because your sub has a public mod log. I'll be watching you