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Every ban brings trolls and inciters and cucks and likely paid viral marketing firms by u/spe or lesbos from r/subdrama for no other reason than to disrupt and bring people back home to reddit.

There are commies who come from r/anarchy just because they like trolling white conservatives... They eventually leave, but dont think for a second even half the new accounts you see are legit new users that plan on staying.


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I wish people from r/Anarchy would, instead of trolling, try to engage with white conservatives.

Really, any white conservative who doesn't worship authority and enjoy obedience would absolutely love Anarchism. This isn't to say that those that worship authority and enjoy obedience are bad people, but just that they're not likely to ever convert to an ideology that promotes individualism and purely voluntarily cooperation. I find that most white conservatives don't fit that mold, and are just scared of Anarchism because they think "Capitalism = market economy," and they like a market economy. Helping them to realize Capitalism and Socialism are systems of the RELATION TO OWNERSHIP, and not political systems is important. When they realize that Socialism would be if their company sold shares of the company ONLY to the employees (this would be a type of cooperative), but everything else could literally be the same, light bulbs start going off. "The hard work of the employees should directly enrich the employees! Employees should decide whether to invest in better equipment or to give the employees a bonus! Employees should decide if they want to outsource their own jobs and take a payout for doing so."

One of the fundamental problems with the Left in the United States is that there is no effort to engage in conversations with opponents. When the Left doesn't actually engage and spread their ideas, no one knows what a "Left ideology" is, and it lets the Right define it. This is why so many people think "Liberals = Left" and "Democrats = Left" and "Government = Socialism." It's because the ACTUAL Left in the U.S. never engages with anyone.

Then, when young men are frustrated that they are economic slaves, that all the good jobs are gone, and there is no future, the only ideology they hear is fucking Fascism.

I hope that anyone from r/Anarchy realizes that trolling isn't actually helpful. It's just further reinforcement of the Zeitgeist of Nihilism that the ruling class has worked so hard to instill in everyone - so they won't threaten their ownership of society.