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The actual quote:

"What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence".

although I think 'dismissed without consideration' works better than straight repetition.

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Prove it.

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No u

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This is a silly quote that sounds deep but is actually 100% dumb. This is literally the definition of an axiom. Axioms make up the entire basis for math and science, which Hitchens advocated.

To take it a step further: since we have no evidence that other people are conscious, then I guess we can dismiss it and assume they are not.

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I think it's meant to be more of a personal rule rather than some great scientific truth.

Like if someone comes to you insisting they're a male born with a female brain, or that God told them to eat your toes or you'll go to hell, or that women and men don't get paid the same rate for the same work. You can easily dismiss all of this as bullshit unless they can show proof.

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Agree totally. I think we are all rightly pointing out the hypocrasy of Hitchens and the left.... "I dismiss your claims because you dont have 'evidence'. My belief system is totally rational, including all of those things I dont have evidence for either".

Typical hypocrasy and projection.

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You are a Jew.

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EveRyOnE I DiSaGrEe WiTh Is a JeW

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You make a very good point, as there is no science without assumptions. However, I interpret the quote in light of falsification: "That which can not be falsified, can be dismissed without falsification". And with dismissed I do not mean that it isn't true, but science shouldn't focus on that.

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I think it's connected to that detrimental mode of thought that results in people getting away with believing that all right wing people are Nazis, all anti-immigration sentiments are racist and all self-preservation comments are bigoted. 'It's okay to tell some fool to stfu' is essentially what he is saying.

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Good policy with Q.

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It's better not to dismiss anything however, just put it aside and realize you don't have enough proof for an approval or dismissal.

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Like the idea that the universe is the result of random acts of matter in motion, for example.

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More like God. Only evidence is a fanfic. Just as much evidence for Harry Potter.

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The eyewitness accounts of at least a dozen people of the death and resurrection of God's corporeal son are a lot more credible than the assertion that randomness holds existence as we know it together.