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Only in a really fucked up country would he not be seen as a great president.

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You know the mainstream Western zeitgeist is in a pretty dark place when this^ is considered brave and progressive.

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Welcome to our Brave New World.

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Once the Muslims achieve critical mass in Britain, the roof-tops get very busy, very quickly.

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Making America Great Again, since 2017 (and probably before)!

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but that's exactly what we want to see!

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That loaded question, the gotcha question, the no-correct answer question, the question set-up to fuck Trump which the MSM loves so much:
So Mr. Trump your intelligence agency has proven Russia meddled in the election and Putin has denied it. Who do you believe?
Trump: why haven't they looked at Hillary's 33,000 missing e-mails. Where's her server? Yeah my intelligence people told me it was Putin, Putin told me it wasn't him. And the gotcha answer...I don't see why he would be lying. Gotcha!

So of course 90% of the media goes on a Trump bashing cycle. Ho-humm. They spout: that's the most disgraceful news conference by a prez ever, Trump believes a foreign gov't over his own intelligence, this reeks of high crimes and misdemeanor, impeach. All set up by the 12 pawns indicted by Mueller on Friday for Russian meddling in the U.S. election.

There you have it folks. Anything goes when it comes to the media trying to destroy Trump. Stormy, separating families, Charlottesville, travel ban, From Russia With Love.

Well let's see how long this Trump bashing cycle goes on till the next set-up/bashing cycle.

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He could bring peace, actual peace, to the Middle East and they'd bash him. Each outragegasm they have convinces me we were far closer to a one world government than anyone realized.

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This quote will be around for hundreds of years...

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Eternally quotable

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Decent quote. Nice job.

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