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NJ hasn’t counted my vote yet! It’s been received but not accepted. 6 days and counting!

A neighbor called the Passaic County clerks office yesterday and asked about the status of his vote. The guy on the other end of the line said he couldn’t see his vote status since he was in a different county. He also said they were still counting thousands of votes. My neighbor then asked how they could have call the elections in the county - crickets!

Folks, this fraud is far and wide!

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I hope Trump has very good lawyers and the rinos don't go nuts on him.

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L. Lin Wood is litigating Georgia - he had a press conference in Atlanta yesterday. He's the Nick Sandman/Kyle Rittenhouse attorney.

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they will. if he wins this election its over for them... They will pull out all stops. Im perdicting some (((trump supporters))) go on a shooting spree right when trump team start making progress in courts

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Yes of course, it not only secured the mail in ballots to enable the mass cheating, it also gave them some more when sadly they killed lots of seniors!

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Makes you wonder, with Obama/Biden’s ties to the Wuhan Virology Lab if they ordered the bio-engineering of a virus, specifically targeted at killing the very old (R-voters) and not affecting the young (D-voters). That way they could steal the mail-in ballots of those that died over the summer and keep those in their back pocket to wait until 11/3 to see which states they needed to target.

Unfortunately for them, a “made-in-China” virus didn’t have the potency they anticipated (it was a glorified flu) so that didn’t give them enough deaths to steal enough ballots. ALSO, Trump won 11/3 by far more than they anticipated.

That’s why they had to move to Plan B: shut everything down and sloppily manufacture votes while covering up windows with cardboard so no one sees. This part of the plan wasn’t as slick, so that’s why they’re getting caught so easily.

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Yes I can see that as a scenario!

PS I've just had a thought? The "10 days of darkness" quote is often talked about the internet going offline etc, but what if the 10 days of darkness was whilst they tout Biden as the 46th President of the USA?

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Dem moto, never let a crisis go to waste.

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I think something this big would have to be software. I don't think they had people

manually fake millions of ballots...

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Combination, it's the fake ballots that are more easily proved IMO

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A person can pencil whip 500 ballots an hour. Multiply that by 2000. That's one million in one hour. Math is fun.

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They have to recount actual physical ballots.

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Scorecard & hammer.

Mr Binney knows all about this.


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I'm hoping that the story about the 'watermark' only on official ballots is true.

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I haven't read through the thread yet, but am reminded of all the elders stuck in nursing homes or people in aftercare centers without family able to visit. How many of their votes have been stolen ALL ACROSS THE COUNTRY?

[–] StormRanger ago 

Seems like a good subject to research.

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Can I use it? I'll source you.

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Double-win. They would have voted for Trump, so they get 2x the effect.

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I took a picture of my completed ballot.

Mom died in April. She switched parties to vote Trump.

If they have her voting Biden I wouldnt be surprised.

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