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Fuck the fbi, fuck the cia, and fuck the entire DC swamp. More dangerous to us than any terrorist org.

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They ARE THE terrorist organization.

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Their primary mandate is to ensure that they elite are not persecuted for their crimes.

They are truly a buffer for the evil ones.

They will be judged harshly by God.

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took the words out of my mouth they are mossad, isis, all homegrowns, jihadis, antifa, the media, big tech its all the heeb zog alphabet soup

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The head of the snake

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The FBI is nothing more than clean-up crew for the deep state that eventually pins (projects) their shit on their enemies. The C_A runs black ops against USA best interests for (((them))) (then the US gets blamed, blah, blah...); and the SWAMP is just that, mostly un-elected sub-pawns for the deep state, and we the people fund the whole thing. The elected politicians are the chosen pawns to create political theater through fear, which is just another form of entertainment. Right, left, up or down you can't win. That is the scenario they created for "the awake". Shit is different now. Things are moving. Most of us have been secluded and a alone for so long that it is reasonable to hesitate at this opportunity. There are two ways this could go. Trump & Cue are deep state plants that are controlled by (((them))) or this is the real deal. It almost does not matter at this point which is why I'm siding with the latter, but prepared for the prior. We now know there are many others. We can work with that.

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I've lived in DC most of my life and you are 100% correct.

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They created most terrorist organizations

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So, I interpret this as a threat from the FBI to the shop owner. As in, "stay quiet and nothing happens to you."

Am I reading this wrong?

It could be they were thanking the shop owner for coming forward, but knowing the nature of the FBI currently, I highly doubt it was a positive comment.

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That's how I interpreted it. He clearly says he was in fear.


[–] Sheneyney ago 

its gone now

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Suddenly, this guy will have lied to the FBI or have some other compromising matter and that will give the DS cover with their sheep.

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Senator Ron Johnson was just on Hannity.....he says the owner contacted his committee after that Biden report was issued a couple of weeks ago. They are in the process of reviewing info on the hard drives......

He also wants to know what the FBI did with the laptop (they've had it since Dec 2019).

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They'll Bill Cooper his ass.

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The general public doesn't get it. They're saying "why not just turn it over to the FBI" the answer is because the FBI covered it up. This is probably the most important part of the message that needs to be communicated.

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they just accidentally smashed it with hammers on accident teeehee

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Starting to look like "white supremacists" just dropped to #2 on the FIB's "greatest public threat" list.

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If I was the computer shop owner I would've made a shitload of copies on various forms of media and hid them. The only problem I see with that is some of the material may be illegal to view like child porn.

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The ballsy thing to do is accept YOLO.

some of the material may be illegal to view like child porn

Oh, that one hard drive in my file cabinet labelled "obsolete/salvaged customer hardware"? Yeah, okay, I'll agree to a trial by jury. [later..] Wow, that's some serious stuff that I was in posession of and came forward with! Oh, so you wanna talk about that hard drive and those files that I brought to the authorities, unprompted?... Alrighty then! Oh and, I've got the original signed work order in the file cabinet of my office. This whole affair is terrible... maybe the laptop's original owner should face a consequence or two? You know, that deadbeat, crackhead politician's-son customer I voluntarily reported to law enforcement?

A team of glowniggers could maybe haul the repair geek to a jail for a time (or maybe even arrange wet works), but a jury would never convict him. Unless the judge totally censors/railroads him and his attorney, and the jury is carefully rigged.

The geek's legal team would certainly be well-funded. I expect that such a case would take a long time to proceed (if ever) due to waiting on all the petitions for discovery to have documents delivered by the Bidens. I think it's likely that the case would be unceremoniously dismissed and under-reported by MSM (if the legacy media is even still considered to be relevant by then).

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I'd say the shop owner was smart enough to burn several copies. When the FBI told him to STFU, he burned a shit load of copies and sent em to everyone he could think of

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How does someone this connected not had access to better private IT people?

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Because these assholes have the fbi, cia, dnc, gop, media, facebook, instagram and twitter to protect them. My guess is that they have been this sloppy for a long ass time and have gotten away with it.

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