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There are two components to our riot. The first is a riot at the ballot box. We need to ruthlessly eliminate all opposing candidates of either party. That means mobilizing to turn out votes and to vote viciously. Your nice city councilman who is kind and gentle and sort of squishy? He cut the ribbon at the petting zoo and send you emails about a library book drive? Yeah, he needs to go in favor of the bomb-thrower who wants to buy the cops a new armored personnel carrier. No Democrats, not ever. No soft Republicans, not ever. Only harsh conservatives who loudly live the dogma. Elect conservawoke candidates who understand the threat, and who savor the opportunity to use their political power to harm the left in every way they can.

Sorry, Nikki! and other hands-across-the-aisle establishment types, but bipartisan hugging and business as usual is a loser’s game, and we’re sick of losers.

Then there’s the second kind of riot, the political one. And Donald Trump is doing it. He is refusing to fight according to the establishment rules that the Fredocons eagerly allowed to tie our hands for decades. The Never Trumpers need to keep their weird bondage fantasies between them, their disappointed wives, and their eager pool boys – a modern Republicans need to unleash our inner Genghis Khans and destroy everything liberal in our path.