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The FBI and C_A can't be fixed and need to be shut down. Expand the US Marshall Service and take over the FBI crime labs. C_A assets get absorbed by the NSA. Good agents can reapply.

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Time to dismantle the FBI. It's become an American Stasi.

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It always was. It was founded by Hoover, a crossdressing homosexual who used the Bureau from day one to run blackmail operations against everyone in DC and the rest of the country.

Look it up.

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HW Bush understood the power of Hoover's blackmail and inherited his black book. When social norms changed and affairs and faggotry were not enough to control agents and politicians, HW Bush introduced a network of pedophile blackmail throughout the entire government. HW Bush had always been an agent of MOSSAD and handed the black book over to Killary, also an agent of MOSSAD. Maxwell and Epstein took over operations in the 90's to infiltrate Hollywood and the Fortune 500.

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I think with the FBI being compartmentalized into Field Offices, this phenomenon is relegated to certain field offices in Dem held areas.

Unless we've been lied to and Wray and his underlings are a [sleeper].

[–] Oh_Well_ian ago 

Yes. The Phoenix office is responsible for the memo labeling Qanon movement, domestic terrorists.

[–] Hieronymos ago 

Wray is a corrupt traitor to the US constitution, change my mind...

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How can the fbi make that determination so quickly and decisively ? Especially, in light of the fact, that antifa blm have been trying to set the federal courthouse on fire for the last 100+ days in a row. C’mon now

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They're infiltrated. Parts of the FBI are part of antifa.

They're just running an information smokescreen

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Give them another decade or so, they may come up with enough "evidence" that a strongly worded memo referencing antifa may get written.

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This is Obama's "fundamental transformation of America" in action. Sad but true!

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Didn’t Comey appoint the station chief there? Another treasonous connection as the rabbit hole keeps getting deeper.

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Drain the swamp!

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It's not the FBI per se, its the division. It's headed up by Loren 'Renn' Cannon, appointed by Comey. Q pointing to the FBI post is part of flushing him out and doxing this Cabal . Deep State operative.


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