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And if we have to do it, we won't be as nice and understanding as the cops and courts are. Judge, Jury, Executioner. Wild Wild West posse style.

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"I'm not trapped in here with you, you're trapped in here with me." Waiting anxiously for open season, boys.

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Starting yesterday

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Using the top comment here to genuinely ask you guys: wtf do they want to replace the police?! They refused to talk policy at the DNC, and they made sure Bidenbetch didn’t y’all to openly about completely dissolving it. Do they want like rogue, vigilante groups? Or do they want pure anarchy? Do they think they can privatize police forces??

Sorry for the ignorant comment, I just can’t understand what they want without police. Do they not understand without police you can be raped, murdered, and have your land/ home/ apartment stolen?! I’m sorry guys, I know this is probably late to the game, but I am just completely at a loss here trying to see what they’d replace them with

[–] Hogitha ago 

They know what they are doing. They know exactly what no police will bring to the streets. Violence will bring a new type of police which will follow the laws of the political party and not the written laws.

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Why are we against defunding the police then?

We have our purge [it doesn't go like Hollywood promised them it would] then we all return to a polite society again.

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You are 100% correct. Honest Americans are simply waiting to see if they cause 'anarchy', because then and only then can WE destroy the rabid criminals and not fear being prosecuted as criminals. When it becomes the legal defense of America, they have no idea what is about to hit them.

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Rabbi, not rabid.

I hate auto correct too

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The problem is that the kikes are in total control of the rest of the Western world. If it gets to that point in the US, the faggots in Europe are going to declare war on the right-leaning side, justify it as preventing the new Nazi party and Hitler 2.0 from rising, and protecting the poor, innocent fags, kikes and shitskins. The kikes in charge will send in all their European militaries (mostly made up of the remaining non-soy white men left in Europe) to fight us, and it'll be a giant fucking bloodbath. We'll end up slaughtering each other.

We're all so focused on what we'd do in our own nation, but I never see anyone taking into account that the kikes we'd be fighting here are also in control of everything that matters outside our borders, too, and they certainly won't stand by and let us uproot them here. They'll let it go just far enough to get ourselves butchered.

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You're forgetting there is a military here as well. Some of the branches will swing one way and support America.

The USMC alone, with zero support other than armed civilians, could take on all ground forces they could send in from in Europe. And they wouldn't send many, and leave their backdoor open for Putin.

Anarchy means, an automatic win for armed Americans- who are overwhelmingly right.

[–] Killnigs3 ago 

nope nope nope when we shut the lights and go back to stone age anprim life the kikes will be killed by their natural enemy mother nature

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The commies plan is to use their own force and just start acting as the new authority.

Those rats must all be slain. War has to go hot at that point or we will be disarmed and raped by faggots and murdered in gulag death camps.

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Mask, vax, camps, mass graves

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but in that kind of America, there will not be any room for Democrats to exist

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You say that like it's a bad thing.

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What about jews? Will the jews be safe?

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of course they will - they have their homeland of Israel

[–] Fried-Laptop ago 

( in George takeis voice..)

Oh My!

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If the prez told us to go, that shit would be over before you knew it. Mofos wouldn't even know what happened.

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One sheriff per county. Local militias as deputies. Hangings instead of prisons. Would be very cheap.

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Sensationalized violence, no ordinary person wants this. We actively reject it. Turn off the media and see this is true.

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"You loot, we shoot" - America

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