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Yes, however, considering the article is a link off Drudge, just thinking they are getting out ahead of something coming. Drip the horrific in small doses to make the eventual news less impactful. Interesting to note nonetheless.

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As flippantly joked about on HBO's Silicon Valley.

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Ha ha! Now they have teenage AIDS!

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Pack them all up and provide free transport and registration for a biotech conference...


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Yep. Has been done for hundreds if not thousands of years. Young cells reverse the ageing process. The bigger question is where do the 800,000 USA missing children go, after being sucked dry? (hint: burgers and pig farms). Why are CPS removing children as we speak, from families in NZ and USA (and probably more countries that I haven't heard of yet) when the parents are 'deemed to be CV positive via contact tracing'? (or 25,000 in Aus)

The Matrix was a documentary. Think of the pods as an allegory representing your house and workplace, and your reality as existing only as the MSM / Hollyweird /Government want you to think. Until Trump / Q threw a spanner in their machine.

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The kikes are conditioning you for the BIG surprise. You could hardly imagine what they've been up to.

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I'm sure they're using much younger than teen blood. Stem cells are more easily harvested from infants.

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Business opportunities

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