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The Emohwen Setatspeed Gardens

The MO when Set at Speed?

The Deep States New Home Gardens

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Hey deepstate ...

U caught on yet ...

This is ur new residence ...

Enjoy ... /!

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They should make a list of their favorite flowers, so we know what to plant on their grave for them to push up.

I'm sure the sailors stationed there will make sure they get plenty of natural fertilizer when they piss on the graves.

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BALLS!!! That is AWESOME!!!! The deep state's new home!!!!

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Did you try zooming in on it? Next to it is WWG1WGA Gardens. KEK

edit: oops sorry I see someone already posted it

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Click on the deepstate home icon, then click on the garden picture upper left and then scroll down the pictures, you'll be glad you did. :)

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Zoom in 3x on op link of ‘Emohwen Setatspeed Gardens’, Guantanimo / Gitmo:

‘WWG1WGA Gardens’ magically APPEARS, as you said - and NOT ONLY THAT, but:

An awesome Q PHOTO acknowledgement!!


WWG1WGA Gardens, Kittery Beach Road, Cuba

So, NOT a Photoshop!!

To !!! SEARCH THIS OUT (on google.com/maps ) FOR YOURSELF !!!, input:

“WWG1WGA Gardens” Cuba


WWG1WGA Gardens, Kittery Beach Road, Cuba

ALSO when you search these terms from the beginning > this Dynamite PHOTO still appears!!!

!!! Check out the ‘Q’ / Flag CONTAINER !!! ('casually perched on side ledge of the old US Army aircraft!!)


WWG1WGA Gardens



Photo - Aug 2020


WWG1WGA Gardens - Google Maps - PHOTOS for WWG1WGA Gardens, Kittery Beach Road, Cuba

WW52+64 Boqueron Cuba

If QAnon is a ‘IIA’ ('Internet Interactive Activity’) psy-op, they'd have to have compromised both google maps AND Gitmo's enchanting WWG1WG2 'garden' scenery.
(edit: um, wwg1wgA, thinking of that WWII plane! :)

Probably there's a lot more data encoded.

Some wiseguys/girls even posted REVIEWS for 'WWG1WGA Gardens':


Brad Werley

Local Guide ・163 reviews

6 hours ago

It has been my pleasure serving President Trump in the Meme Wars of 2016-present as a MemeLord patriot. #Maga2020





4 minutes ago

Great to be part of the movement.





Amber Nealey

an hour ago





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Deepstates newhome! Lol!

Build it and they will come!

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Check out reviews, too. Hildebeast and Hanx KEK

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WWG1WGA Gardens. Awesome.

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Looks like someone changed it back

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New Home Garden: emohwen. It's your new home, Hillary, Bill, Hussein, jimmy, Lisa, et al.

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