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sorry I can't post a link as I don't have enough points.

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Hey thanks guys for the points. Really appreciated!

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Thank you, Patriot!

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God help us all if Michael ever becomes president!

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Teddy Roosevelt returns!

Carrying a big stick!

( Sorry, could not resist. )

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Speak softly and give Barry a big stick...

For example, “Are you ready Barry, here it comes!”

[–] cabalstone ago 

TR said, 'Speak softly, and carry a big stick.' Difficult for the former first tranny to speak softly.

[–] Father_Jack ago 

yeah, that will put Barry back in the White House.

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This BS. She lived in DC for 8 years and Chicago for 11 years. The article claims it was published April 2017, but then in the article it says Michael tried to register “ the other day”, in 2020.

[–] cabalstone ago 

She may have lived there, but her official residence was off-shore for tax purposes.

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Why was Kamala not rejected?

[–] goofy300 ago 

neither Michelle or Kamala would be disqualified as Barak Obama has set the new precedence for qualifying. That and the fact they are both democrats so they have that.