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She must be in that “think for yourself and do your own research” cult. I hear that non-conformity is dangerous.


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Gonna be really sad when she kills herself in a few days.


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Hope not


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Former Victoria's Secret model with 6.4 million instagram followerers took the red pill on the covid hoax and de MSM controlling Deep State


I have been quiet for a while, I have been trying to make sense of it all and I can’t! There are so many questions. And with questions it started for me. It could be that you’re reading this and thinking what questions, I don’t have any questions and what do you mean by making sense of it all!

My questions are: Do they want us to be healthy? Why is boosting our immune systems with vitamins and food rich in nutrients not part as a measure against Covid? Do they want us to be united or divided? Is it easier to control a fearful driven society? Do they want the best for us? And with ‘they’ I’m talking about the media, the pharmaceutical industry, our governments and all the huge companies that have interests very different to ours it seems like and with ties in everything. There are 6 company’s that own (almost) all media isn’t that conflict of interest? And how do the systems work that we’re all in. Who is benefited?

I have always asked questions I was born into a family that has never just followed…..

In the past few months I have researched for hours and wondered how to share this with you. And here I am feeling an urge to share with you that It has been quite the journey searching for answers. Ask your own questions, follow the money and connect the dots! Think logic, follow your heart and instincts. In the end it’s a power we all have, it will unite us and we need to wake up in order for that to happen! Please keep asking questions ALWAYS!

POWER TO THE PEOPLE 💫 #wakeup #askquestions



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"There are six companies that control the media" That statement is always accompanied by the fact that those companies are controlled by jews...She knows about the jews. ;)


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This is just in time for infiltration. Is she a stealth QAnon?


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Even a model gets it. That says it all, particularly if she's blond too.


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I suppose she'll be banned from Instagram soon.


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Expecting her to be suicided with 2 gunshots to the back of the head. Soon.

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