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As members of a terrorist organization they are subject to asset forfeiture. Not that most of front line shits have anything to take but the leadership most likely does.

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Maybe not, but who ever they room with does.

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Their liberal parents do. Get it from them.

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The leadership are mostly college professors, so they have assets.

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Not yet classified as terrorists, unfortunately. Just like with the wall and prosecuting Killary, Trump was merely saying what public wanted to hear, without taking any meaningful action.

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They took over the Chicago University Police Office. They have been cut off from bathrooms, food and water. They are now pooping in a tent in the back of the room. Kek...


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comment by Harry Butts from that article

Harry Butts • 2 hours ago

Protesters: "Wait a minute! We aren't protesting so we can be responsible for ourselves or accountable to anybody else! We just WANT things. And we WANT other people to do our bidding. For free. No, not like slavery, just doing what we tell them at no benefit to themselves. And we want it NOW!"

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What a utopia!

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Lol...I'm sure it smells great in that room.

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They're going to have to to shit or get off the pot.

[–] The_Real_Wahrheit ago 

U of C is well known as the place “where fun goes to die”.

That’s supposed to be because of their intellectual prowess!

[–] MudPuddlePie ago 


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That chan post is from 2017 shortly after the Berkeley riots and the bike lock incident.

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Yeah it’s old as shit and op is a faggot.

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Doubtful that’s authentic.

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I agree with the OP. What better way to wake up people than to let this little "Chaz/Antifistan" play out for the public. Normal thinking people can see all the problems with this scenario, and they do not want to see our country go down this road. They can also witness this is being tolerated by DEM mayors and Gov. Call it a life lesson.

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Definitely the plan, let the rest of the folk watch these children eat themselves when the utopia that is the inevitable shithole comes to light. POTUS just chucks them a bone by tweeting them hurty words, which in turn makes Durkin and the rest dig in even harder! Lol epic trolling. You wait until the power and comms go down!! Wot no cell phone or internet, imagine their faces!

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They literally thought /pol/ was gonna help them???!!!


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Reality better set in soon.

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Fantastic. Maybe now these idiots will wake up. And I completely agree with you - let it happen. Show the world what a stupid thing socialism is. But for anyone who still wants it, let's carve out a special area surrounded by electrified, barbed wire fencing and they can all elect to go live there. If they want to leave, they have to go into a re-education facility first, pledge their allegiance to the U.S.A., get a job and be a contributing member of society, otherwise they go back.

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