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THC increases the effect of fentanyl, and he had some THC in his system as well.

[–] OregonAngel2 [S] ago 

Remember how they waited for him to pass out and then didn't do any resuscitation? Perhaps that was because they knew he was just passed out, and doing cardio resuscitation on someone who is just asleep would be harmful.

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The defense lawyers will have a field day with this.

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Or they could have drugged him after they beat him up in the back seat of that car.

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I proposed yesterday that he was involved in this ff, but that they gave him the "hot shot" so there would be no way for him to talk. So, he was murdered, after all, but by fentanyl. And it wasn't about race, AT ALL.

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Fentanyl and meth combined causes people to drop dead all the time.

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So what. Fentanyl and meth just helps him jog faster. Don't be such a racist :/

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Didn't Prince die from that too?

[–] brettco12 ago 

You mean the bum that the cops with the EMT wagon had just sourced for a special occasion?

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