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Ding Ding Ding... winner winner chicken dinner! Trump knows the source of ALL THE MAYHEM = George Soros and any/all of his business and personal interests. they should all be outlawed and IMMEDIATELY WE'D SEE A SIGNIFICANT CHANGE. Plus, then Russia could arrest and prosecute, since they have a warrant for his arrest... his, given u.s. citizenship CAN be revoked by @POTUS.... one of his rights as President even in times of peace.

God Bless you Brother

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Odd that when the ambulance arrived, no EMTs exited it, it was police officers - ?

Also the officer that had his knee on George, has his badge (which is normally pinned straight up and down always) crooked. Never saw that on any officer even in a scuffle.

Prosecute Soros and his family (they are well involved) and confiscate all his wealth. That would take care of the National Debt. Word is that Soros does not pay any taxes and owes the IRS $7 billion dollars and refuses to pay.

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My other question is..If they worked at that club (that just so happened to close right before the virus) Why didn't he say "Dude..we worked together at...." Plus the paramedics were not in proper uniform..

It all stinks to high Heaven! Another clown/antifa game?

Oh when is his funeral anyway? With 645k It should be one hell of a fucking funeral! Wonder if anyone will be able to track that money. soros payment? LMFAO!


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It'll be a closed casket or he'll be "cremated".

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Yeah..him and epstein lol

He will pop up somewhere else. Give it 6 months or so..

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All of BLM and Antifa should be there, crying over his body. Isn't that why they rioted?

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I agree that the whole situation is odd. I did talk to a very close friend yesterday who said that they do live by a cop, and the cop never wears his police uniform when coming or going home. Nor has he ever brought his police car home. So not knowing the neighbor was a cop, might not be a big deal. The rest of it is rather fishy

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The neighbors next door to to the cop said they were told he was a realtor. Why was he hiding his profession?

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Many officers and deputies don't wear their uniforms to and from work for safety reasons so it's not unusual that his neighbors never saw him in uniform. Also, again for safety reasons, he may not have wanted to broadcast that he was in law enforcement if the local citizenry were not happy with law enforcement or if former arrestees could turn up on his doorstep.

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Seems like George and Derrick were really odd fellows too.

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The International Order of Oddfellows is RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the club which Chauvin and Floyd worked together at. INTERDASTING.

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from the top (OBAMA) thorugh Russia Russia Russia to impeachment to Floyd to the streets of all U S cities to now Europe. this NWO verses NATIONALISM is heating up.

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