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Yes. Interesting. I got hooked on Stephen King novels but can’t read them anymore because 1. He’s a douchebag globalist fuck and 2. Anytime he creates a character with good morals (and the reader begins liking the character and hoping he wins) King kills him off. I quit reading my last King novel when he did that.

Need another good author.

I’ll give your guy a try.


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Fuck Stephen King. I will never do anything that will enrich him in any way.

In Cosega Sequence - The NSA, CIA, FBI, and Vatican are the bad guys.... politicians are scumbags... tapping into Universal Consciousness is a thing... Technologically advanced life on Earth 11 Billion Years ago... what else could you ask for. ;)

In Justar Journal - Evil group of rich scumbags implemented a plague to wipe out 70% of Humans, create a single world government, give people forced injections to make them more malleable and controllable, and run it all with a rutheless militarized police force that makes all dissenters disappear. Sounds like where we are headed.

Oh, and a persevering group of rebels that have taken the red pill and fighting for freedom.


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sounds interesting, thanks for the link