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Chlorine Dioxide is also considered controversial on YT and Twitter. Jordan Sather peddles Chlorine Dioxide on his YT channel and has faced many hit pieces that say he wants people to drink bleach. Chlorine Dioxide is not bleach, more similar to hydrogen peroxide as a disinfectant.

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I don't think I would use the word "peddles" because he doesn't sell it, though he does promote it. The stuff is a miracle. I've used it for over three years with excellent results. It's also great for dealing with tooth decay, cold sores, any infection.

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It was the first word that came to my mind as I typed. Most YTbers are promoting/peddling something (and I am okay with that). To me, the words are virtually synonymous. Peddlers might be less formal than promoters I guess.

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This is probably what Trump was hinting at

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The reason it became a problem was because of Jim Humble calling it MMS “Miracle Mineral Supplement” instead of what it is. Chlorine Dioxide. You can still buy it on Amazon, so at least they have not banned it, yet.

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I fully support your decision to drink bleach a broad spectrum biocide used for bleaching

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Good find

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Nice post, Rikki6

I was just researching Jim Humble yesterday. I got some absolutely crushing news yesterday. Someone I'm extremely close to just informed me that she's been diagnosed with ALS. She's only 26..... After diagnosis, the vast majority of patients live another 3-5 years.

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oh man!! im so sorry to hear that. 26 years old !!!!!!!! horrible !

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Sorry to hear about your friend. There was a stem cell company that had some promising results with there line of stem cells on spinal cord injuries and ALS. The company failed or came up short on phase II trials, but it be worth looking into - Seneca Pharmaceuticals (Previously Neuralstem). I wish your friend all the best with this terrible disease.

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Dr. Judy Mikovits Ph.d says ALS is caused from a retrovirus from vaccines. this is why we seeing a huge rise in ALS and Parkinson cases. she must email Judy thru her website and see what drugs and or therpies are available to treat this disease. i am trying to figure out what we can do about all of these diseases ppl have now. i just realized my husband has Chronic Fatique Syndrome which is also from the retroviruses. he is now being treated with antiviral holistic meds and Ozone, thanks to Dr. Judy exposure of this evil. most of the effective meds for Autism, and Chronic Fatique have been taked off the market. geez. there is a possiblity that hydroxychloroquine might be helpful. there is a list of things hydrochloroquine cures on greatawakening but i cannot find it. cannot log into my email right now.

but we can make our own chloroquine or buy tonic water and take it with zinc.

She has nothing to lose, its harmless.

also Ozone therapy is very effective against viruses. check out Robert Rowen Ozone.

sorry to give you work to do.

email Judy


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Wow, sorry about that. I understand why you're researching Jim Humble. I was doing some research for my daughter and it looks like the FDA may have finally succeeded in stopping him. I can't find his MMS anywhere. You may have to become an amateur chemist. All the best to you and yours.

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Nope, it's extremely easy to find chlorine dioxide. Just do a search.

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I just bought some a couple of weeks ago from Australia.

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Also, I bought some merely because Wikipedia was so scathing in their description of it. The labeled Jim Humble a Scientologist.

Not sure if true. They ignore Scientology if it’s Tom cruise of beck. Go figure

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You can buy it on Amazon. Just get the two part sets. It’s called CHLORINE DIOXIDE. Jim mumble decided to hide rite chemical name to make a buck, That’s why they went after him, that and the fact he said it cures most everything—another big No-No...

Also, you can buy the precursors and make it, There’s videos on it, no need for chemistry lessons.

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We've got an FDA which is populated with people who are big pharma. They know that if they do a good job promoting the vaccines and drugs, they have a ready job to go to if they leave government employ. Crony capitalism at it's finest. We need to clean out all the people with ulterior motives and replace with people like Dr. Mikovits who are better able to look at the complete universe of possible cures, not just the "favored" ones and bring the best solutions forward. It should be about health, not just the money. If chlorine dioxide works better than Remdesivir, then it should be promoted. We need to do blind test studies so the crooked people like Fauci don't know which the patient is getting. With a large population of Covid 19 victims currently infected, large trials shouldn't be hard to do.

All vaccines should be required to show what is inside, how effective they are, be made in the U.S. and batch tested regularly. Robert Kennedy, Jr. needs to be heard in open hearings and his claims looked into. There should be no secret virus courts, or vaccine piggy banks used to hush people who have been injured. Open it all up.

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populated with people who think are like big pharma

There, I fixed it for you

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Thanks...sometimes I type faster than I think.

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So injecting a disinfectant isn't that farfetched.

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It never was... The technology is recent but exists

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But Liberals told me to inject bleach!


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Chlorine Dioxide has been around for ever.

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Stable Genius kicks the shit out of the MSM again.

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My thoughts exactly! POTUS right again

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Be careful, and work with a doctor to avoid any toxic results.

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Or use humbles recipe.

Interesting that all the stuff used for malaria works on Covid-19.

Quinine HCQ and now this.

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Isn't this what Potus was asking about when the media claimed he was telling people to drink Clorox and Lysol ?

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YES. Finally somebody besides me GETS IT. You can buy this stuff on Amazon, and it makes perfect sense that a water purifier would kill this, it’s a PATHOGEN, chloride dioxide purifies water—kills virtually all pathogens, germs, bacteria, viruses—etc, and humans are what—80% WATER?

The logic is too clear for LIBTARDS to grok it. Especially the MSM types...

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Yet another cure for this!

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thanks !

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It's not, just click the play button

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