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According to her - "OUT OF SHADOWS OFFICIAL" is a video on youtube with almost 11M views that buries serious issues behind a wall of christian fear tactics. They delegitimize an important topic by spending the majority of the video discussing demons, satanism, and the illuminati. Let me know your thoughts below!! Can't wait to see how many fans of it come here just to dislike based on the title alone without giving it a watch.


[–] TheBridge422 ago  (edited ago)

I watched most of it. For myself it was kind of hard to watch her. It was like she was on speed and all over the place But watched and downvoted just because I don't agree with her. Sorry I'm not going to downvote something because someone posted it here to downvote. I will respect anyone's opinion. But don't have to agree with it. If they yell and scream their opinion, I don't even take the time to listen. Lol. It's a bad video to watch just in her presentation.