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I mean seriously? How did we lose focus on this story? They threw her down the trash chute when they had money and resources to dispose of the body, or maybe they were being watched because Anthony is a fucking pedophile being watched, so just throw her in the trash and hope nobody notices. But the real question is, why was she murdered? What did she see, what did she ask, what did she refuse to be a part of? Or what did she threaten to reveal? What was in it for her? Somebody knows, somebody wants to tell the story.

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Stuffing her dead body into Anthony Weiner/Huma Abadin's trash shut was obviously a WARNING to the owners of the apartment: SHUT UP, or Else!!!

Why she was killed? Any number of reasons. Maybe her husband was tired of her. Maybe she became a states witness to the prosecution about Soros. It could be anything.

I did some research on this last night.

1) The apt/condo building has 675 units. One has to walk down the hallway to the community trash room, and throw things down the trash shoot, which empties into a trash compacter. The woman was found mashed up in the trash compacter. Residents were told/texted not to use any of the trash shoots until further notice. So it was NOT Huma's apt.....it was a huge Expensive apt bldg that Huma & Weinter lived in at one time. So this was no warning to them.

2) A post 6 months after the event said that there was no evidence of foul play. The woman, who lived on the 10th floor, took the elevator up to the 27th floor was last scene alive getting off the elevator alone on the 27th floor on a surveillance camera at the elevator door. She was found 30 minutes later in the basement in the trash compacter by a maintenance man. Her purse was left on the floor on the 27th floor trash room.

3) The woman's father thinks her husband killed her. She had been going through a contentious divorce. She had some DUI's so the husband was fighting for full custody of their only child, a son. The husbands Construction Business (knows building construction), was going through bankruptcy. Husband visited his wife the morning before she died,at her apt, with her son. (She died later at 4:30pm same day.) So this sounds like a "supervised visit".

Based upon all of this, it is possible that she got the news that she would only have supervised visits with her son from now on, and maybe decided to kill herself.

Or, her husband called her from a burner phone and asked her to meet him on the 27th floor to "talk" maybe. He meets her in the hallway near the trash room, and pulls her in to talk in privately in the trash room. He knocks her out and dumps her down the trash shoot, and then leaves by emergency staircase. Her body was so mashed up apparently from the fall and the subsequent trash compacter that it would have been extremely difficult to determine if she had been strangled first or knocked unconscious first before being dumped down the trash shoot. It was a 27 story fall. Do the math.

The woman's father thinks that her husband killed her......the perfect murder. No more divorce, no more huge cash settlement or alimony, no custody battle, no massive attorneys fees. He can resume his life unfettered with his mistress and his son.

But for now the case is closed, as "no evidence of foul play".

One wonders why if she was going to go to the 27th floor to commit suicide, why did she take her purse? How many suicide victims take their purse or wallet with them?

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This. She was a warning.

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Even the Mods tag this one is "possible disinformation" and you just eat it right up anyway...

and that should let you know it really must be bulshit because they never call your posts out as "possible dinformation" even though at least 30 to 40% of them are absolutely disinformation, or just naivete on your part. Not that you purposely putting out the disinformation, you're just gullible enough to fall for it in the first place..

My point is that the tag must mean that the story some foreal bullshit and of course you jump straight on the post they tag it to and start spreading it like it's the written word of God in stone..... like always.....

Ffs woman

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good job anon, one year delta.

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It just goes to show you how much has happened in one year, but one year is a microsecond when it comes to solving a murder. Murderers face justice sometimes 50 years after committing the crime, we should be paying closer attention to this.

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They listed her death as a heart attack..injected heart attack I would assume. Going through a divorce, she was accused of having drug and alcohol issues and had her son removed from her custody. Possibly was going to expose the big pharma/soros related activities... Here's a good site to put some perspective https://twitter.com/i/moments/1002950243338653697?lang=en

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Wow -- excellent post.

I saved it.

Thank you!

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Exactly one year ago today.

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The article is from 2018. Interesting anyway.

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I remember it from last year. But just like all the other Clinton body counts, was never connected to her.

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Ha, one year delta.

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The Daily mail article referenced in the neon nettle story confirms it was the FORMER apartment building of Weiner / Abedin

this renders your headline somewhat misleading. Not only is it the general apartment's trash chute (not specific to the Weiner apartment) but also its not even used by Weiner / Abedin in any capacity as they have moved on from there

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It's manhattan, union square, the heart of the beast... Don't be so quick to dismiss. Youre smarter than that

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which is why i flaired 'possible' disinfo

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This seems pretty clear....maybe her body didn't make it down the shoot and was STUCK in Weiner's apt?

"48-year-old Lara Prychodko's body was discovered in the trash compactor in the upmarket Manhatten apartment belonging to convicted pedophile Weiner and his wife Huma Abedin; Hillary Clinton's sidekick."

Her death made headlines after it emerged that she was discovered in the home owned by Weiner and Abedin.

READ MORE: https://neonnettle.com/features/1449-woman-found-dead-in-anthony-weiner-s-trash-chute-is-connected-to-george-soros © Neon Nettle

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garbage chutes in those apartments tend to be communal - in the hallway - connected to all floors

its an apartment housing many well connected people, the stretch to the Weiners is entirely unsubstantiated

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An Israel native and graduate of Tel Aviv University, Schlachet is also involved with a number of other high-profile, Soros-backed operations.

Wow, who would have guessed!?

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Can ya even throw a rock in NYC without hitting a Soros backed operator?

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Folks used to laugh at NN articles. Not so "funny" anymore.

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They still do, it's a classic fake news outlet.

[–] Blacksmith21 ago 

Says the counternarrative: https://voat.co/u/StormRider9090/comments

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Must have been a (((suicide)))

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Wow, I have a small flash of a memory of this story, but you are right! How did we lose focus on this Clinton related murder?

Thanks for posting OP. Damn fine work.

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These democrats can be damn sloppy

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