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Wrong. The account that POTUS retweeted is still alive and well (@eaglelion7), and the name of this account is 'Save the littles!!!".

The suspended account is @savethelittles. It has no connection to the POTUS retweet. (Other than account name confusion.)

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^^^^this^^^^. Comfirmed...for now.

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flairing postdebunked

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Trump Replied to save the littles. Said thank you to praise from that account

I'm not talking about any retweet of Trumps, you got ur wires crossed

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This is Trump's 'Thank you tweet' to 'Save the littles!!!' --> https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1149517347805253633

Look at the account Username...it is @eaglelion7, not @savethelittles.

The actual 'Thank you' account was not suspended. The suspended one is a different account. The 'display names' are the same, but they are different Twitter Usernames.

Twitter does tons of shady stuff. But they did not do anything this time. You are confusing two accounts.

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I would love to know which twitter terms of service they violated to warrant a suspension. This shit is infuriating, they keep poking at people for saying the wrong thing in a country where we are supposed to have free speech, there's no free speech if they cut out your tongue!!! Fuck twitter, fuck Facebook, fuck the far left Democrats, fuck google, fuck cnn the nyt, wapo, vox, Snopes, and every other fake ass unamerican news outlet operating in America enjoying their American rights and using it to fight against your American rights. Fuck all you anti American pieces of shit living in this country fighting to destroy everything in which this country is founded on! You're pieces of shit who are too weak and feeble minded to try this shit in another country. You don't like the laws and freedom? Go to where you are welcome then, let's see how that works out for you, you fucking dumb idiots. Fuck this shit, these people should be put in prison for manipulating our society and trying to create a nation of people who regret the foundation and principles of its nation! That is the true treason happening here! With google, twitter, Facebook, youtube.... the list goes on, fuck this!

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Trolls are complete assholes. They'll take something that sounds and should be wholesome and turn it to shit just for the hell of it. Do a search for "Blues Clues" in a search engine and it could bring up gay porn if a parent or guardian hasn't set the filters to "Safe" mode. That's like shit /b/ used to pull on the Chans and why so many boards banned him.

[–] GodsAngell ago 

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also cannot say scenter 4 m!$s1ng&x ploy ted ch1ldrn on voat wout being $h@dowbnd.

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Couldn't agree more, Platy.

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THe troublex with CHOOSING evil, is not the evil YOU get to do to others, but the evil the other evils get to do to YOU.

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Flairing debunked - name of accounts dont match fully

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Over the target

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Good! That just validates it even more. Why would they not use the opportunity to make Trump look crazy?

The weakness of evil is that it does not recognize its own evilness.

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Someone needs to creates thousands of these accounts and start putting it up everywhere!

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Honest question, Do you think Potus/Q has "booby trap accounts/ messages" that are data logged? (at a commercial level , we know NO such Agents have everything, but their crap is hard to access, well @ least if you are following the law)

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