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For what purpose? WHERE were the PARENTS of these girls who travelled around in Epstein's jets and hung out at his mansions and island? Was MONEY exchanged? How is that parental SUPERVISION?

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Red cross and Clinton foundation in third world countries after disasters. Also; orphanages

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Any links to BCCI banking scandal and human trafficking is a coincidence.

Can you say money laundering while "guarding" fresh meat?

These are sick fucks who are evil beyond redemption.

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Man created disaster as well

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How is this a response to my post?

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Parenting is everything. Learn from your parents' mistakes.

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My parents beat the crap out of me for speaking in a disagreeable manner. Till they figured out I was autistic. They just thought i was uppity.

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I was listening to Mike Rivero's radio show the other day and a caller raised a good point:

Where are all these victim's fathers now?

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War orphans has been popular since the stone age.

Today we have socialist services with armed guards and the proper paper work.

In Haiti they use fly by night Christian sounding Church names like the one Laura Silsby (AKA Laura Galyer) *used.

Only in America can a Human Trafficker get busted in Haiti and get a job at Alert Sense, which provides technology for Amber Alerts and FEMA. Deep State whores.

*Edit - New Life Children's Refuge case. On January 29, 2010, a group of ten American Baptist missionaries from Idaho attempted to cross the Haiti-Dominican Republic border with 33 Haitian children, most of whom were not orphans and had families.

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scumbag had his whores prey on semi or outright dysfunctional families

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Probably dead or missing in action

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most were kids with single parents active in there life

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Bill Doe, Hill Doe and their little daughter Dill Doe

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That's funny

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check real dad, Webster Hubble

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She has a picture of G.Gordon Liddy in the background of the photo. The G-Man's son - USMC Reserve LTC and CA State Atty - was busted about 2 years ago for child porn charges. Status unknown.

GGL = Watergate. In hindsight, Watergate was a Deep State take-down of Nixon.

Spidey senses up @TRFBYTrC0mmies


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Nixon pulled us out of Vietnam. Sure as shit was not Ford, he just got credit.

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Watergate was a Deep State take-down of Nixon.


Why would DS do that? Nixon was in on the assassination of JFK, he was DS team player, he was the DS "pick" for the 1960 Presidential Election, so you have to ask WHY did the DS turn on Nixon???


Because of what the Watergate Burglars were after.

They were after a little black book that had info on the perversion tendencies of Whose Who in Wash DC, NYC and the USA.

DS wanted it back!

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We're about to find out!

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The question is who? HRC? C_A? M? Krischer? Who is this piece of shit?

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Alan DoucheBag?

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The Deep State includes the criminally insane and a shit load of useful idiots.

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I will donate $$ for the VOAT/Greatawakening "MOB"..to hire a lawyer to oppose John & Jane Doe

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I hope you have a ton of money, because the opposition has Billions.

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Nobody is gonna admit they sold their child to a pedophile.

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The public record and the need of the public too know outweighs 'embarrassment' of Maxwell, Chandler, Clintons or whomever John Doe is....

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Hildawg, your law license was suspended, remember?

Actually I just looked it up to make sure that it was accurate before I posted it. Do you know that she had her law license in March of 2019 reinstated (after 17 years!) so she could practice law again?

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Yes, I read that here a while back, people were speculating she wanted to be an AG!! Bet NY would welcome her to keep up their war on our President.

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Fun fact!!

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