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Maybe I am too simple, but I took the wheels up to mean things are underway, such as described in a urban dictionary below:

Wheels Up

the time or point when a plan or operation is executed. it comes from the military to describe when a plane lifts off to start a deployment, at that point an operation is considered hot (officially started).

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Double meanings exist.

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My brother told me once that things have multiple meanings. He also said things evolve to right.

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You are exactly correct.

People are completely missing the point -- and digging on something irrelevant

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I'm not seeing the connection to Epstein or Chandler.

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Rich Chandler - father of Rachel Chandler - funded a private airline called 'wheels up' under his Jeffries Group where he is the CEO. Rachel Chandler is the recruiter, through her modeling agency, for the hollywood pedos. 100 times worse that Allison Mack according to Q. That picture of her with Bill Clinton on Epstein's plane is floating around everywhere.

If I got anything wrong here anons - please correct.

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Okay, this is not accurate. The CEO of Jefferies Group is Richard Handler, NOT Chandler.

This is a dead end

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What I believe the Anons connected:

"Wheels Up" - Q --- Wheels Up: "Membership-based" "private aviation" company --- Financing: "Jefferies Group" (Jeffrey's Group? Jeffrey Epstein?) --- CEO of Jefferies: Richard B. Handler (Handler? = Rachel cHandler)

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Q is referring to the flight logs on Epstein's planes.

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Wheels Up is the name/tag-line for a company that is essentially a private plane "time share".

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But the CEO's name is Handler NOT Chandler. This firm has nothing to do with Ray Chandler

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hi @StandWithuQ -- I would delete this post. It's not accurate. Rachel Chandler is NOT related to Richard Handler. Two different families.

Not everything on 8chan is accurate. Always double check

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Yes you are correct @Singlebrain1. This post is completely inaccurate. People need to double check. Rachel Chandler from the LA Chandler family is NOT related to Richard Handler.

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Love your name Qdini. Please call me SB1

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Great dig. Thanks anon!

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Do the math. Jefferies Group LLC was founded in 1962, when Epstein was 8 years old.

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This is a bogus post. Doesn't have anything to do with Ray Chandler

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I agree.

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Dick Hnadler is B. Ray is C. Who's A ?

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