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The infighting is the best part. I wanna see AOC punch Nanny Pelosi and explode one of those funbags and Nanny cunt punt AOC in the crotch with her heels. From the Well of The Congress. Decorum be damned.

[–] Dnomen 1 point 12 points (+13|-1) ago 

Pelosi is such a gangster she probably has a stiletto stashed in her stockings, with a hollow handle full of emergency blow.

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LMAO. Or a straight razor in her garter.

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Have you seen the heels she wears?

They too are stiletto's

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You are a racist if you don't enjoy this in your neighborhood:


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Karma!! Remember when we had the tea party calling out the RINO's and the dems said how the Republicans were so divided and split--YES!! I think it's coming back to bight them. The bad thing for them though is there is no good, just bad and worse!!

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Oh, I'd for sure hope somebody was nearby to catch good video of that cat fight! We definitely wouldn't want to miss it. 😂

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It wouldn't be the first time that it's happened in the well of the Congress. Just read history...

[–] Blacksmith21 ago 

I'm pretty sure there hasn't been a catfight in the well. But yes, plenty of altercations over our history.

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Could one observe a common objective? as: Trust the Plan? Can we recall Trump's support of Pelosi for Speaker when the dimms retook the house planning on impeaching Trump. His plan was to give up the house and give them all the rope while he prevented any real action via the Senate. In my view, they could not have written a better plan! Trump is patient, and he plays a very long game. Perhaps he didn't expect AOC, or Ilion or Cowboy RIchardson, but there are certainly others. He takes advantage of opportunities to help them look stupid, and they beat each other up. When your enemy is making a fool of themselves, stay out of their way!

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Very well said.

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Tnx, a further thought - Could the plan have been to sacrifice the house to focus public attention to dimm shenanigans in an election year? Could it have anything to do with the very long game of exposing and prosecuting pedophiles throughout the deep state with key figures being prosecuted 2 months before an October surprise? The deep state has used sex and pedophilia (and worse) to entrap and film legislators and judges in order to blackmail them into doing what the deep state wants them to do. We have seen laws enacted that clearly do not reflect the will of the people and decisions by sole judges that serve deep state interests. As these folks are exposed (in both parties), we will be seeing an entirely different Congress. Many people don't understand the vagaries of FISA warrants, increasing minimum wages, or a host of socialist (illegal) initiatives, but when the facts of 40,000 missing children are exposed, the public will be utterly outraged and demand real justice. What was Trump's near first executive order and why do they hate him so? He went after the primary weapon of the deep state - blackmail - and he's making it his signature issue. All the rest of this stuff, his 'crazy talk' etc. is just fluff to hold the attention of the press and other fodder.

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We should all be racist. Anti-racism is the meme they pushed to weaken us. A nation is its blood, not its soil. DeJavious UggoBuggo and Javier Salvidar are no more American than Mohammed Al Naseem is Swedish.

[–] corrbrick ago 

Absolutely! To be racist merely means to be aware of the differences between the races. To be sexists is to be aware of the differences between the sexes. The left has done all it can to heap negative connotations on both these value neutral terms.

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Looking bad is the least of their worries. I feel a cold, steely hatred I would not have thought possible a few years ago. "Go ahead, make my day" makes good sense now. I grok.

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pelosi knows she's done. She is a incoherent and spastic wreck. There is a reason why Trump wanted her to be the speaker of the house. He is taking her down, one wrinkle at a time.

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The Maestro certainly plays the long game. Most dems don't seem to be aware they are being played.

[–] corrbrick ago 

That's the amazing thing to me. I guess waking up to the threat Trump poses to them is to admit that he is not a simpleton, and is likely smarter than they are.

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Democrats are the party of hypocrites irrational milkshake/poop slingers and irrational social and economic policies. These are not the people we want in charge. The fact that republicans are the better alternative is sad.

[–] adolf_wilders ago 

Wasn't there some movie a long time ago where they solved things by fighting each other with chainsaws while attached to the inside of a cage with bungee cords? I might not pay to see Nancy and AOC fight like this, but if it was on the bar TV I would watch it.

[–] RealBlackberry ago 

Exactly!! I just saw a poll of Faux news that said Biden has 41% of the black vote. I DO NOT believe that. I would just love to see who they poll for these phony balony stats. I think there is gonna be a bunch of dems that abandon the ship and jummp on the Trump train. What do they have to lose?

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