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Immigration" has wrecked Sweden so badly Volvo is considering re-location

I wonder if ABBA are going to re-locate? Well Frida already did years ago. But that was because she married some German prince.

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I don't know about them--they are probably socialist liberals.

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Nah. They're apolitical. Bjorn is a whack, but the others have always been conservative. They all were/are. Their biggest goals in life was always making music. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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nigs gotta nog,, and chimp noises intensify...

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cultural enrichment

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You never hear this on the nightly news--except on OANN. These are startling facts, too! How do they hide it? I heard there have been hundreds of churches burned down in France. All this has been quietly swept under the Euro rug!

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Probably a scientist or a doctor.

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Yeah like Steve-Felix Belinga of Fort Smith. He's a real nasty piece of nigger work.

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