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UN and Rotary are close. You can start to explain the horror of the UN Agenda 21 now Agenda 2030 which is for total world control - New World Order. One of the primary items for the UN is to remove private ownership of land. Specifically removing your ability to own your home or other property.

Rotary used to have their own graduate degree scholarship. The scholarship is now called the UNESCO scholarship. UNESCO stands for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. This is a NGO (non-government organization) that is run by Soros & his minions. UNESCO identifies world historic sites. UNESCO through the UN determined Jerusalem did not belong to Israel. This was organized by Soros and Obama where UNESCO stated Israel was an interloper on Palestine territory and the true ownership of Jerusalem is the Palestiniens.

Recently, Rotary had decided to cancel all gun related events - like turkey shoots and other fund raising activities of Rotary that were traditional annual events. I believe there was a major backlash by Rotarians to NOT removal gun related fundraising events. I don't know what the situation is today. UN is a big player in getting private ownership of guns to be a crime.

UN is the driver of Common Core - the idea to indoctrinate children at a very young age into the NWO. With Rotary becoming so entwined with Soros and Bill Gates, as outlined in the next paragraph - Rotary may morph more along the lines of one of Soros' NGO.

Bill Gates is a big proponent of reducing the world population. Bill Gates' dad had a prominent position with Planned Parenthood. Margaret Sanger started Planned Parenthood and her goal was to eliminate those members of the population (she and her followers) deemed to be undesirable. You can get more information at BlackGenocide.org

Gates has come along-side of Rotary to help in the eradication polio. By Gates working with Rotary, Gates has learned how to go from country to country and who to talk with to gain access to the country for medical purposes and how to transport vaccinations. With Gates desire of reducing the world's population, he has learned how, through vaccinations, to sterilize undesirable people and also how to place a disease in a person.

Gates wants to eliminate all carbon gas by a certain date. Gates also wants to darken the sun to stop global warming.

Gates is in partnership with Monsanto. Monsanto has an evil plan to control the world food supply and Gates plus Monsanto believe in the NWO.

UN has a major buzz word for the NWO and that is sustainability. Rotary is now incorporating sustainability as one of their major goals in most service projects.



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lmao..my that IS a good story but....folks here been sayin' they connected to all kinds of nefarious shit. Along with the other known societies....I hope I get some sauce..if not,,,it will just take longer to turn a loved one.