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What exactly do they do? Do they need to be monitored during the times they have the gate open?

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They hold power of access to the United States, and are therefore targets for corruption. Should be watched like hawks.

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Watched? Their heads should be on spikes along the wall.

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Last week when Foreman Mike did a twitter video update he talked about 24-hour video cameras they were installing in the next 10 or so days so that the public, us, can watch at any time of the day or night. They will be pointing in each direction, NSEW. I haven't seen an update to this but I will look for one.

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I would hope ALL border wall gates will be closed and locked without those guarding it having access to the keys! Otherwise, I'm afraid the wall isn't going to be much benefit since there are too many guards that can be bought off. SAD, but true! I hope POTUS is enlightened about this and can see to it that it's not made that easy for the cartel to bribe their way in. I have no idea how many gates there will be when it's finished, but I suspect quite a few for maintenance.

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jam any closely fitting key in & break off the tab.

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This. Better yet, have a "trainee" "accidentally" weld the hinges.

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Not when there are cameras everywhere...especially focusing on the gates...

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No idea about the cameras, but I read that there were some corrupt guards opening the gates for certain traffickers... although we know you can read anything. Doesn't mean it's true, but it doesn't mean it isn't either. The thought that the wall would be built only for corrupt guards to open the gates for the scum definitely isn't something we'd like to think though. Hope you are right that there are lots of cameras AND that they can't be circumvented in any way.

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Pay an illegal to do it. Nobody will mess with them.

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This link should help explain what the IBWC is all about...I wondered as well. Wonder if POTUS brought this issue up on tariff deal?


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Thanks for posting the link. I had no idea what it was either.

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Your welcome, that's what we're all here for.

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They will only be opening the gate at intermittent times during the day as necessary going forward.

Fuck that. It's private land. They have zero business on it.

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The gate is said to have been built on a portion that is on gov't land.

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chambering live ammo sounds intensify...

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Then the private land owner can police the border and be responsible to house and support the illegals coming across on their land...

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House and support rofl. In what world do you live in where an trespasser gets free housing from private landowners? Feel free to leave and go somewhere that doesn't have property rights.

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Thank you for the update.

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Weld it shut.

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or find your ass in cuba at gitmo

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