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Arrest Soros. He needs to hang

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Everyone around him comes first just in case one of them wants to squeal and make it even easier for us.

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Why? They didn't kill everyone around JFK before JFK'ed him. They JFK'ed JFK straight.

Turned out to be very effective and efficient.

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Freeze. The. Soros. Fund. Assets. Now.

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Soros funds are scattered around the PAC groups. You would have to confiscate all the funds of the PAC groups to stop Soros' money.

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Centro Sin Fronteras has received funding from the National Immigration Forum, which is financed by George Soros’ Open Society Foundations.

Influence Watch reported, citing the Centro’s Form 990’s: “In 2010, the National Immigration Forum reported giving $60,000 to the Center. The Forum, in turn, receives funding from a number of major left-wing grantmaking foundations, including the Open Society Foundations and MacArthur, Ford, and Rockefeller Foundations.”

National Immigration Forum has received at least $2.5 million in grant money from Open Society Foundations.


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Georgy is a US citizen, no? Conspiracy to commit, baby.

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In general I believe that any targeted attack on a wealthy well connected organization is going to attack the middle managers. Because those are the hardest to replace and provide the most leverage. Removing the top person can kill an organization, but more likely someone will get promoted because the money and power is too good. Removing foot soldiers doesn't matter, there is always more labor. But removing middle managers requires trusted members to be promoted (no one above takes up the work) and they know that their last boss was arrested / killed / headhunted / removed. They also are put in a place with a skills gap, where training will be lacking. And for arrests, it means that the arrested will likely give up information on higher ups.

The fact two top agents are getting arrested might mean that the entire organization is in ruins. Because if they are doing the same bottom up undercover attacks they do on gangs, they likely left a string of minor arrests in their wake or can sweep up entire departments of people.

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I feel it, but can't prove it, I think these pedo busts might be connected to Mexico freezing funds of orgs suspected of financing the migrant surge. At least one is VP of a major bank. https://www.wxyz.com/news/senior-comerica-bank-executive-among-22-arrested-in-alleged-child-sex-sting

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If all Soros related funds are seized then he will have nothing to use for the destruction of Africa. Soros pays for many of the groups that cause trouble in Africa ( and the rest of the world too ).